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Here Are 5 Event Setup Ideas From Instagram to Inspire Your Design Efforts

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It's a Herculean task to capture the attention of attendees with event setup and design, especially in an era where they have thousands of compelling options to compare it with! Even the best event planners can run low on creativity if they work on simultaneous tasks.

No matter how low you might be on the creativity steam, there are ample ways you can tap into for research to draw event inspiration.

4 Incredible Ways to Find Inspiration for Event Setups

The Experience Economy drives event planners to think of the best setups to provide a transformational experience. Here are some ways to find inspiration for event setup and design.

Defined Event Goals Can Give You Clarity

If you have mapped out the event objectives with your team, it will be easier to brainstorm ideas on design and setup. You can hit the mark by sticking to the defined event goals and progress ahead by narrowing down the best ideas that align with the plan.

For example, if your summit is on Sustainability in 2022, you can source eco-friendly décor suppliers and items for creating the event setup.

Event Venue Can Inspire Theme Based Designs

There are cases where locations have inspired event ideas and themes! For example, if you have a Roman architecture venue, the event setup could be Renaissance-themed. The design could emphasize symmetry, geometry and proportions.

Tune in to the Right Social Media Channels

There's no shortage of design inspirations, styles, DIY ideas, etc., on social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tumblr and Pinterest. To grace your feed with the best examples, follow popular event vendors, planners, designers and organizers.

You can streamline search by using proper hashtags like #Eventplanning #Eventideas #Eventdesign #Eventplanners #Eventstyling #Eventdecor #DIYideas and #Eventinspiration. By following the best accounts, discovering trendy event setups and design ideas pops up naturally.

Join Event Communities and Attend Local Events

One of the easiest ways for searching event design inspirations is by joining event communities on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Now, you will always be up-to-date with the latest ways events are happening around the globe.

Another fun way of going through different event setups is attending events of all kinds. You can also network at local events and understand how they come up with designs to intrigue natives. Using that knowledge, you can develop unique plans for your event.

5 Deluxe Event Setups to Kickstart Your Event Planning

We found some really creative event setups on Instagram! You can scroll down to gain inspiration from events around the globe.

Web Summit 2021

EDP, a proud sponsor of the Web Summit 2021, decorated the venue with its vision of changing the world by becoming a fully green producer.

Adobe Summit 2019

Adobe Summit 2019 kicked off its event in Las Vegas with over 16000 attendees! The event was in partnership with Marketo and was all about creating excellent human experiences.

Dreamforce 2021

Dreamforce NYC 2021 is a Salesforce event that shares the best practices, how-to and real-life success stories to inspire the audience. The entire event setup had a 'National Park' theme and was stuffed with Dreamforce mascots everywhere.

IBM Think Summit 2019

IBM Think Summit 2019 in Istanbul used interactive CGI displays to enhance the impact of the event. If you want to go for digital art, you can leverage similar designs at your venue.

CES 2022 Las Vegas

South Korea-based SK Group had a booth at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. The booth had AI-based solutions for chips and batteries. As attendees in 2022 are looking for technological solutions, you can take a digital approach for event setup.

We hope the above designs help you develop the most creative ideas for designing your events, stage and venues. Besides business, networking and learning, events are becoming more about delivering impactful experiences and the event setup plays a significant part.

Pro-tip: Creating niche event experiences is a massive deal in 2022, as attendees have seen almost everything. Opting for unique ideas like Pecha Kucha – a Japanese trend of presenting 20 slides for 20 seconds each will give your attendees a sense of distinction from the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you find event setup ideas on Google?

Event planners and set designers can use Google Trends to explore the latest videos, news and queries that are trending worldwide to come up with creative ideas that can be embedded in their set and venue design.

Which is the best social media app for event design inspiration?

Event designs and planners often need visual motivation to develop fresh ideas of their own for event décor. The best social media app that provides enticing visuals and ideas is Pinterest, whether event catering or stage design.

What major aspects must be considered before designing an event setup?

Here are three significant aspects organizers must consider before beginning the set design process:
  1. Does the design go with the event goals?
  2. Do we have the budget for executing the design idea?
  3. Do we have the logistical support for sourcing the décor items?

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